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Israel Ranked Among World Leaders in Developing “Healthy, Educated, And Able Workers”

The World Economic Forum (WEF) – the Geneva-based non-profit famous for hosting the annual Davos conference – just issued its first-ever Human Capital Index. The goal of the Index is, per a press release [1] published by the organization, to identify “the most successful countries in the world when it comes to maximizing the long-term economic potential of their respective labour forces,” which is a function of “their ability to develop and deploy healthy, educated and able workers.”

Israel ranked 25th globally. Evaluated against the region, the results were not close:

The evaluation aligns well with other economic measures of Israeli economic development and innovation. The Moody’s ratings house recently reaffirmed [2] Israel’s A1 rating, citing Israel’s international ties and regional position. The country is an acknowledged global leader in technology and innovation – stories about record-setting acquisitions by American tech giants are becoming fairly routine [3] – and a recent summit highlighted the role Israeli innovation can play in boosting sustainability [4] throughout Asia.

Israel’s financial daily Globes inserts some caveats and then goes for the layup: [5]

Israel stands out favorably for several indicators: 5th out of 122 for secondary education enrolment rate; 3rd for life expectancy; joint 1st with many countries for water, sanitation and hygiene; 22nd for healthcare quality; 11th for ease of finding skilled employees; 4th for capacity for innovation; 5th for firm level technology absorption; 7th for scientific and technical journal articles (per 1,000 people); 8th for business and university R&D collaboration; and 2nd in the world for tertiary education attainment.

[Photo: World Economic Forum / Wiki Commons [6]]