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“Our Children Love Martyrdom”: Hamas Photo Glorifies Child Soldier Deaths

In an extensive expose published late last month, The Telegraph documented the extent to which Hamas is training Palestinian schoolboys to use assault-style weapons and battle Israel. The outlet documented how the Iran-backed terror group has introduced into the local curriculum military training for 37,000 Palestinian boys aged 15-17. The children are trained to attack Israeli positions and kill Israeli soldiers:

A YouTube clip showing a military demonstration in a Gaza school also appears to contradict the Hamas official line. Posted on April 5, the video shows a mock Israeli military post erected in a school playground, where Palestinian militants enact a mock battle during which a faux Israeli soldier is killed and another captured. A shoulder-held rocket launcher is then fired at the military post, the force of the blast leaving only a smoking metal frame and a billowing Israeli flag.

As if to put an exclamation point on its militarization of Gaza’s youth, Hamas’s English-language Twitter feed this afternoon tweeted a picture showing children role-playing what seems to be a military funeral. The feed declares that the children love “martydrom”:

Hamas stages military parades [1] in which children armed with military gear march with adults. The children are as young as 7 years old. The parades are attended by top Hamas officials, who pose next to infants in military gear. Hamas officials have bragged [2] that they train such children to attack Israelis.

The group’s use of children in combat complicates the efforts of non-governmental organizations to compile statistics on Palestinian non-combatants who die during conflicts between Hamas and the Israeli army. Anti-Israel NGO’s have been accused of treating all deaths of anyone under 18 as non-combatant deaths, despite Hamas’s extensive and documented efforts to train and deploy teenagers.

[Photo: @AlqassamBrigade [3]]