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For Second Time in a Week, Israeli Planes Reportedly Hit Military Target in Syria

For the second time in a week, Israeli jets are believed to have struck a military site inside of Syria, Ynet reported [1] Tuesday.

A Syrian military research facility in Jamraya (or Jamariya), outside of Damascus, was hit by several explosions overnight Monday. The area struck, which houses a number of military facilities including [2] the Scientific Studies and Research Center, where Syria is believed to develop chemical weapons. (The United States Treasury Department sanctioned [3] employees of the center in response the April 4, 2017 sarin attack [4] on civilians in Khan Sheikhoun, in northeastern Syria.)

According to reports from media allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, six missiles were fired at the facilities and three were intercepted by Syrian defense systems. An AFP correspondent in the capital also heard loud explosions. The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that “violent explosions” shook Damascus.
There have been no reports of damage or casualties.
The same site was reportedly targeted twice [7] by Israeli jets in 2013 to destroy a convoy of Russian-made SA-17 missiles being transferred to the Hezbollah terror group.

On Friday, Israel reportedly [8] carried out an attack on what is believed to be an Iranian military base.

An Israeli company, ImageSat, released satellite images of the suspected Iranian base after the attack.

[Photo: U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv / Flickr ]