Aryeh Tepper

Aryeh Tepper is the Director of Publications and Online Educational Programming at the American Sephardi Federation, the Academic Director of the The Glazer-BGU Israel Studies Seminar for Chinese Students, and the Academic Advisor to SIGNAL's Israel Studies Programs in China. He teaches at Ben-Gurion University and Achva College. His articles and essays have appeared in English and Hebrew in Commentary, The Weekly Standard, Jewish Ideas Daily, Nomos Journal, Akdamot and Makor Rishon.

Articles by Aryeh Tepper

Chinese vessels arrived in Haifa to celebrate 20 years of cooperation between the Israeli Navy and the Chinese Navy, August 13, 2012. Photo: Israel Defense Forces / flickr

As its economic power rises and its strategic foundations have shifted underfoot, the Jewish state has developed an increasingly fruitful

Photo: Aviram Valdman / The Tower

Jazz from the Promised Land

27.05.14 at 10:20

Who imagined that Israel would become a jazz juggernaut? ARYEH TEPPER explores the music, the history, and an unbelievable vibe